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your guide to Réunion Island

Ile de la Réunion

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English language guide to the island

Getting here ...

Not the most accessible of places nor the cheapest ...

... but a rather jolly experience.

If you are travelling from the UK you will need to get to France or take a flight direct to Mauritius and then the short and expensive hop over to Réunion. There is a boat that regulary plies between the two islands and the voyage takes ten hours.

Flights are from Paris or the main French hubs such as Lyon and Marseille. Use the internet search engine below, or your favourite but don't forget to look at the sites of the airlines where flights are often cheaper. If you are looking for a flight and / or an hotel you could do worse than try "Nouvelles Frontieres". No, they are not paying me and I have had good service from them over the years. Also, try the auctions (enchères) on the aforementioned and the airline sites.

Find a flight


Air France

Flights from CDG and the main French cities. The service has declined in recent years so there is not much to choose between them all !


Air Austral

Also offer flights from Réunion to Aus, China and Madagascar amongst other destination.



Air Mauritius

Direct from London to Mauritius and then to Réunion. Can work out cheaper and you have the pleasure of a few days in Mauritius as well.





Probably the cheapest but not the worst for that.